Collins Street Centre Playgroup: Sandplay Aria at Collins Street Centre Playgroup
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About Collins Street Centre Playgroup

Collins Street Centre Playgroup (CSCPG) is located at the Collins Street Civic Centre on the corner of Collins Street and Shaftsbury Avenue in South Perth, Western Australia. The Collins Street Centre facilities are well established and maintained with a dedicated playroom full of toys, books, arts and crafts for all ages, as well as an enclosed courtyard and grass area, sandpit, new playground with a shed full of outside toys provided by the CSCPG. The Centre also has a fully functional kitchen off the main hall with both a microwave and stove/oven facilties. CSCPG provide playgroup mums and dads with tea, coffee, hot chocolate and sugar as part of their membership fees.

Collins Street Centre Playgroup is a member of Playgroup Western Australia. Each of our members are therefore also members of Playgroup WA and are entitled to special discounts and benefits. For more information visit

There are so many benefits of being a member of a playgroup. It is great for parents/caregivers to meet other parents/caregivers to share ideas, information and experiences. It's also an opportunity to develop new friendships, develop a support network, become a part of your local community and of course have lots of fun playing and learning together. It is fantastic for children to play with and among other children, participate in new play experiences, interact with other adults, make local friends, learn simple rules and routines, learn more about the world around them and improve their social and communication skills. Young children learn through play and playgroup is the perfect environment to encourage this.
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